1960s Plastic Weave

In the progressive era of the 1960s, designers began experimenting with the fluid forms and vivid colours of soft plastics, in particular, by weaving lengths of tubular plastic to create garments, rugs and outdoor furniture. From this emerged the popular plastic weaving craft activity, as the material was affordable and the techniques were easily learnt.

The bold designs promoted the juxtaposition of colour and tone through simple floral and geometric patterns. Although plastic weave items may now appear nostalgic, in their day they were modern and colourful – employing a new material which many believed was positive and futuristic.

This collection of 1960s plastic weave items was assembled by Glenn Cooke, a respected curator, author and collector. The exhibition features a plastic weaving activity where you can learn to twist, knot and plait, or create your own designs. Use colourful threads and beads to create a friendship band inspired by 1960s plastic woven objects.

Dates: Saturday, 23 January to Sunday, 10 April 2016
Times: 10am - 5pm
Cost: Free
Bookings: Not required. Drop in anytime and stay as long as you like.
Age Group: All ages welcome.


This event occured in the past.

Start Date: Sat 23 Jan 2016
End Date: Sun 10 Apr 2016