06 Oct 2020 - 13 Nov 2020

Take a closer look at Hearts and Minds: wartime propaganda on a self-guided tour with your class group.

Posters were an ideal means of communicating propaganda: impermanent yet public, they were designed to be noticed, and could be printed and distributed quickly in large numbers. The Australian War Memorial holds a large collection of wartime posters, from government-issued campaign posters to handmade posters protesting the war in Vietnam. Hearts and minds: wartime propaganda introduces this collection, featuring home-front propaganda from the First and Second World Wars.

The exhibition is accompanied by an Education Guide with activities that align with Civics and Citizenship, History, Visual Arts, and English key learning areas. Curriculum links include:

  • The value of Australian citizenship, global obligations and differing perspectives about national identity
  • The influence of the media in shaping political choices
  • The emergence of key ideas such as socialism and nationalism, how these were promoted, and responses to them
  • Reasons for enlistment, the changing role of women, the home front, and government controls during wartime
  • How the visual arts convey meaning
  • Exploring techniques and processes used by artists
  • Exploring objective and subjective language, rhetoric, metaphor, irony, parody, and other literary devices used to make meaning, to create tone, or to persuade
  • How a combination of textual and visual choices can present information, opinion and perspective
  • The use of symbolism, icons, and myths in images, and how these augment meaning
  • Evaluating the social, moral, and ethical positions represented in texts


Term Dates: BOOK FOR TERM 4 – Tuesday 6 October to Friday 13 November 2020 WEEKDAYS ONLY
Session Times: 3 Sessions Daily: 9:30am-11am | 11:30am-1pm | 1:30pm-3pm
Cost: Free
Year Levels: All ages welcome. Recommended for Secondary Students (max 40 people per booking). Students must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times.
Bookings: Group Bookings ESSENTIAL! Please complete the Booking Form and email to [email protected] .

NB A COVID-Safe plan for the Gallery is currently in place including the following measures:

    • Limiting admission in line with Queensland Government Guidelines
    • Ensuring compliance with physical distancing
    • Undertaking additional regular cleaning of the Gallery including high-traffic areas and high-touch items
    • Providing sanitiser stations throughout the Gallery
    • Continuing to monitor Queensland Government Health guidelines and providing updates when required.
Curriculum Links: Civics and Citizenship | History | Visual Art | English

Image: Philip Zec, Women of Britain: Come into the factories (detail) 1941 | lithograph printed in colour (ARTV03534). Image courtesy of the Australian War Memorial.


An Australian War Memorial touring exhibition.