18 Jul 2011 - 28 Aug 2011


Photographs are an inseparable part of our memory of war. They have come to play a vital role in our efforts to remember and to commemorate events of which many of us have no direct experience.

While they can’t bring home the terrible experience of war, photographs can provide us with images that at least indicate something of its horror. This has been, from the start, one of the primary intentions of the war photograph. Icon & Archive draws on the Australian War Memorial’s extensive collection and includes many iconic photographs that have become lodged in our national memory, as well as numerous superb photographs that are less well-known. Icon & Archive: photography and the World Wars is an Australian War Memorial Travelling Exhibition.


Image: Studio portrait by John Lee of VF509866 Gunner Norma Florence Munro, 54th Searchlight Battery, Royal Australian Artillery (RAA) in battle dress. Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial ID#065276