01 Dec 2018 - 28 Apr 2019

Created by the renowned Scitech Discovery Centre in Perth, WA, Playing with Light shows how light is fundamental to our everyday lives. 

With so many applications from the simplicity of vision, the beauty of rainbows, to the high-tech world of fiber optic communication, holographic security and laser surgery, light provides the basis for much of our technology and our view of the world.

PLAY is a means to ignite the imagination for people of all ages. Open ended and without instruction, this exhibition offers the opportunity for exploration and creativity, but most importantly, it enables learning through experimentation, a key tenant tenet of the scientific process.

In drawing together PLAY and LIGHT, Scitech has created an exhibition experience like no other. Using basic physics principles, innovative interactive experiences and a sense of fun, Playing with Light offers the opportunity to explore our world and how it is illuminated through 22 exhibits with a multitude of outcomes.

Key messages include: How light plays a vital role in our daily lives, how science helps us to describe and explain the behavior of light and to discover even more about the world around us, and how play and experimentation are important for learning.

Exhibition term dates: 3 – 14  December 2018 & 29 January – 5 April 2019
Time: 10am to 5pm daily. Booked groups can be accommodated from 9:30am weekdays.
Duration: 90 minutes minimum. Visits up to 3 hours can be accommodated for deeper exploration/ research.
Recommended for: Year 1 to Year 8

Worksheets for Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Lower Secondary can be found in the Playing with Light Schools & Visitors Guide

Playing with Light Risk Assessment

[NB Large groups will be split into smaller group sizes to explore exhibits]

Cost: FREE for Students, Teachers and accompanying adults in a booked group. To encourage play-based learning the ticket-price has been waived for bona fide education group bookings.
Bookings: ESSENTIAL! Please complete this Booking Form and email [email protected] or fax 07 3810 7030. Enquiries please phone the Gallery on 07 3810 7222