Q: When is the Gallery open?
A: We’re open daily from 10am – 5pm including weekends. We are closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day inclusive and are also closed for Good Friday. Open other public holidays including from midday on ANZAC Day. The Gallery does close periodically to install major exhibitions. If there’s any change to our opening hours, we’ll let you know with updates through this website, Gallery e-Newsletters, Facebook and Twitter. You can also telephone the Gallery on 07 3810 7222 or email info@ipswichartgallery.qld.gov.au.
Q: What does it cost to visit the Gallery?
A: Admission is free unless stated otherwise. Major exhibitions may attract a small fee with individual or family tickets purchased either online or at the Gallery Information Desk upon arrival. We recommend you purchase online before your visit especially if you’re coming during peak holiday times.
Q: Where can I park?
A: There are several parking options in the city. ‘Pay and Display’ parking meters can be found on Brisbane, Limestone and Nicholas Streets. You will need to pay for street parking on weekdays and Saturday mornings. It’s free to park in the street on Saturday afternoons and all-day Sunday. You can also park in the Ipswich City Square car park which is accessible from Bremer Street. Charges apply for more than 3 hours weekdays. If you are coming from out of town, you will find us with the help of these directions which you can print and bring with you. If you get lost, remember to call us (if you can do so safely) on 07 3810 7222 and we’ll help you find your way.
Q: Can I bring food and drink into the Gallery?
A: Food and drink do not make for a happy mix in the Gallery but bottles of water are permitted. When you arrive, see one of the staff at the Gallery Information Desk about leaving food and drink items in the Cloak Room while you explore our exhibitions and collect them again as you leave. Here’s an idea: make a day of it with the family and enjoy a picnic on the grass in d’Arcy Doyle Place before visiting!
Q: Am I allowed to carry my bag around the Gallery?
A: One small bag or one handbag per person is fine. Nappy bags for infants are also allowed. Backpacks, or multiple bags, should be checked into the Gallery Cloak Room upon arrival.
Q: Is it OK to leave my child in the Children’s Gallery while I explore another exhibition in a different part of the building or quickly go to the shops?
A: No. Children require active parental supervision at all times. Please stay together for your enjoyment and safety.
Q: Is it OK to take photos or film in the Gallery?
A: The short answer is that it’s OK in some circumstances but not OK in others so please read our Message for Photographers. At the end of the day, we want you to have a great visit and take away lasting memories. If you have any photography or filming questions we recommend you speak with one of our Gallery staff upon arrival so you know what’s allowed.
Q: Are the artworks on show in your exhibitions for sale?
A: Ipswich Art Gallery is a public gallery and, therefore, will not present exhibitions of artwork for sale. No works from the Ipswich Art Gallery Collection are for sale. If there’s an artist or artwork you really like, please check at the Gallery Information Desk and we may be able to put you in contact with the artist’s representative.
Q: I really like what I’ve seen at the Gallery and I’m inspired to take an art class. Does the Gallery run any?
A: We don’t run any classes for adults but there are people in town who do! Ask at the Gallery Information Desk for a list of local art classes and workshops.
Q: Is there anywhere close by where I can get a coffee and something to eat?
A: There are plenty of fantastic cafes within walking distance of the Gallery and we’ve made it easy for you with this list. Please remember that on weekends many of the cafes in the central business district are closed by mid-afternoon.
Q: I’ve got a piece of art I’d like to have valued. What should I do?
A: If you are seeking information on valuing or selling an artwork, we are more than happy to provide you with the contact details of people who may be able to assist. Please don’t bring any artworks into the Gallery as we can’t assist with on-the-spot valuations and we’d hate for you to go to the effort of bringing and item in and then leaving disappointed.
Q: I’ve got an artwork I’d like to either sell or donate to the Gallery. Shall I bring it in?
A: Firstly, thank you for thinking of us. Before you bring an item in for consideration, please request an Acquisition Proposal form at the Gallery Information Desk first or access a copy online. Your completed proposal will be reviewed by the Gallery Exhibitions Team or Director and you will be contacted about your item.
Q: I’ve got an item I’d like to have framed/restored. Can the Gallery help?
A: The Gallery doesn’t offer any on-site framing or restoration services but we are more than happy to try and point you in the right direction of someone who can. Please call us on 07 3810 7222 or email info@ipswichartgallery.qld.gov.au, tell us a bit about your artwork and we will do our best to provide you with the contact details of people within the arts industry who may be able to help.
Q: I’m a local artist. How can I keep up to date with what’s happening in the Ipswich arts community?
A: Join the Ipswich Artist Register! The Register is a database of local artists in the region and it’s important because it provides a current snapshot of our local arts community and the types of works being produced. By joining the Register, we will send you regular updates relating to Gallery exhibitions, events and other industry-related information. You can request an application to join the Ipswich Artist Register at the Gallery Information Desk or complete and submit your form online.
Q: How do I go about getting the Gallery to consider staging an exhibition of my works?
A: We’re not going to beat around the bush: it’s competitive. The Gallery’s exhibition program is planned several years in advance and there’s competition for exhibition opportunities from national, state and regional touring organisations, artist and other galleries. That said: it’s not impossible. The exhibition program is developed by the Gallery’s exhibition panel which includes the Director and selected senior staff. Exhibition proposals are appraised on merit against the aims of the exhibition policy, budgetary constraints and audience development objectives. You can request an Exhibition Proposal form at the Gallery Information Desk to find out if your exhibition idea is the type that could be considered or, alternatively, read it online. Remember the Gallery is a public space and can’t be hired by individuals to stage exhibitions. The Ipswich Community Gallery was established especially for this purpose (i.e. to create opportunities for local artists to showcase their works).
Q: I’d like to hire the Ipswich Community Gallery. Can you help me?
A: Please ask at the Gallery Information Desk for a Community Gallery Application form. You’re welcome to speak with our Visitor Services Coordinator if you have any other general queries.
Q: How do I become a Gallery Volunteer?
A: All you need to do is complete an Ipswich City Council Volunteer Application form which can be obtained from the Gallery Information Desk or accessed online . You can drop your completed form into the Gallery personally or email it to info@ipswichartgallery.qld.gov.au. Learn more about becoming a Gallery Volunteer.
Q: What are the benefits of becoming an Ipswich Art Gallery ‘Friend’?
A: The Friends program is a fun, social and educational way to engage with exhibitions and events at the Gallery. Members are invited to participate in a program of events including exhibition previews, talks, workshops and tours. Gallery ‘Friends’ also receive a 10% discount on most purchases from The Gallery Shop (consignment stock excluded). Learn more about our ‘Friends’ benefits!
Q: I’ve heard the Gallery is selling more kids’ craft and toys. What do you have in stock?
A: The Gallery Shop stocks quality items children will love! If you’re looking for fun products that will help kids learn and express their creativity then the Gallery Shop is the place to visit. Recent products include craft kits by ‘Seedling’ as well as building packs by award-winning brand ‘Zolo’ and books by ‘Scholastic-Klutz’ to name a few. The Gallery Shop also stocks items adults will enjoy including historic prints of Ipswich and books about art. The Gallery Shop is located near the front Information Desk.
Q: The Gallery Main Hall would be perfect for a wedding reception or private party. Can I hire the Gallery for my event?
A: Sorry; the Gallery isn’t available to hire for private functions. You are more than welcome to use the Gallery as a backdrop for wedding photographs. Please contact the Gallery’s Visitor Services Coordinator prior to the event to discuss your requirements or email info@ipswichartgallery.qld.gov.au. You will need to arrange your own photographer.