Imagine standing on stage during a live performance by the Australian Chamber Orchestra. ACO VIRTUAL takes you there. Fusing digital technologies with visual and sonic innovation, this ground-breaking interactive installation allows you to conduct and even play along with the ACO.

ACO VIRTUAL uses state-of-the-art technology and features projections of 13 of the ACO’s acclaimed musicians. Audiences are surrounded, with the sound of each musician coming from the direction of their individual projections. A touch-screen “music stand” allows you to spotlight and listen to one musician, a section of instruments or your desired selection of players. You step “inside” a concert and are immersed in a cinematic experience, surrounded by the musicians and manipulating what you hear and see.

The musical score can be turned on to stream along the bottom of the screen, meaning anyone who plays an instrument can play along with the ACO, even standing in for Richard Tognetti himself. A smartphone application further enriches the experience with information about the music, the ACO musicians and their instruments.

ACO VIRTUAL runs for approximately 30 minutes on a loop, so that you can enter the installation at any time, and comprises carefully selected music by Bach, Grieg, Smalley and Piazzolla, designed to maximise the opportunity for audience participation. It delivers a unique and inspiring learning environment, giving you the opportunity to engage with – and learn from – world-class musicians you may not ordinarily have the chance to see performing on stage.

Book a self-guided education session for your school class, group or ensemble. Detailed teaching resources provide activities that are graded and teachers can choose the activities that best suit the age and stage of their students.

Don’t miss this extraordinary new way to experience music.

The ACO VIRTUAL Education Kit can be accessed via the following link

Click on school’s resources (down at the bottom of the page) and the login and password details are as follows:

  • Login: aco-virtual-resources
  • Password: ACOvirtual
Dates: Saturday, 19 March – Monday, 2 May 2016
Times: 10am-5pm daily
12.30pm-1.00pm daily – enjoy a 30 minute uninterrupted ACO Virtual concert screening
Cost: Free
Bookings: Group bookings are essential . Please complete the Booking Form and email to [email protected] Please click to view the Risk Assessment
Age Group: All ages. Education sessions recommended for primary and secondary students, and students who are studying orchestral instruments (at both beginner and emerging professional levels). These are self-guided sessions, however bookings are essential.

Image: Jack Saltmiras ACO Virtual

Download the iPhone app:


Download the Android app:

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ACO VIRTUAL was produced by the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Mod Productions.

Michela Ledwidge, Artist and Director
Richard Tognetti, ACO Artistic Director
Mish Sparks, Executive Producer
Cristina Dio, Producer
Simon Lear, Sound Designer BSound

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