22 Jan 2018 - 16 Feb 2018

Race into Built for Speed for your excursion!

Visit the Ipswich Art Gallery for an awesome, hands-on excursion everyone will enjoy! In this interactive exhibition, children design and build their own cars and race them down giant ramps. Construct a hot rod, dragster or monster truck using special Lego parts and see it fly, smash and crash down the ramps.

Then… children can create their own racetracks using Blutracks, a flexible plastic that can be made into loops, jumps, ramps or anything you can dream up. Race matchbox cars down the tracks to see them perform gravity-defying stunts.

Built for Speed encourages children to play, design, modify and make using the familiar material of Lego. Children will learn about the design and engineering of cars through hands-on learning using their imagination, spatial ability and fine motor skills to construct a range of shapes, designs and creative outcomes.

Dates: Mondays to Fridays from Monday, 22 January – Friday  16 February 2018
Times: Available on request Mondays to Fridays from 10am

2 hour duration

Entry: FREE for bona fide Education Groups and accompanying teachers / parents. Bookings essential.
Bookings: Essential. Please complete the booking form and return to [email protected] or fax to (07) 3810 7030.
Age group: Prep–Year 8. Max. 50 students per group