14 Oct 2022 - 12 Mar 2023

See your creation take flight, soar to the ceiling and defy gravity by hovering high overhead… or just fall to the floor. It’s all about air and invention, with a little bit of mid-air mayhem.

Wind Tubes is a hands-on exhibition that challenges you to make a flying creation out of everyday materials and launch it into large, clear vertical tubes of moving air. It’s a playful way to explore the effect that moving air has on objects. The challenge is to harness the power of the moving air and discover the design that will keep your creation airborne for the longest time. There’s ample opportunity to experiment and modify your design, and possibly set the record for the longest flight time.

Plastic, paper cups, polystyrene, ping pong balls, propellers and more … all the materials you need are provided. But can your design overcome turbulence, drag, air resistance and gravity?

Dates: Friday 14 October 2022 to Sunday 12 March 2023
Times: 10am–5pm daily
Cost: Free
Bookings: Not required

School Groups are requested to make a booking here.

Age Group: All ages