Did you know the Ipswich Art Gallery was the first in Australia to have a permanently dedicated Gallery space for children?

View our exhibitions and events for kids to help decide when you’re going to come and what you’d like to see!

In keeping with our commitment to child-centred programs, the design and development of Children’s Gallery exhibitions and activities is guided by the following philosophical principles:

  • Learning begins with creative play.
  • Creativity builds self-esteem, a necessary ingredient for success.
  • The spontaneous creativity within each child should be celebrated.
  • Children learn more in the company of adults they trust i.e. their parents, grandparents, relatives, guardians, friends and teachers.
  • Children explore the environment using all of their senses i.e. hands-on activities provide opportunities to explore and learn.
  • Every child deserves access to a safe, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment.
  • Children’s exhibitions are curated for children – not for adults.
  • To understand and appreciate other cultures is to build community harmony.
  • Children are important members of our community who should be encouraged to express and develop their ideas and views i.e. children should be seen and heard.

Tips for a memorable family visit to the Gallery:

Take your time. Allow children to view artwork at their own pace.

Children learn best in the company of a trusted adult, so please stay with your child at all times.

Let your children know that while you understand why they want to touch the artwork, the Gallery needs to ensure the safety of the artworks so that people can enjoy them in future years. Even though visitors cannot touch the work, the Children’s Gallery has ‘hands-on’ activities designed especially for children to enjoy.

After your visit remind children about the discoveries they made at the Ipswich Art Gallery. Encourage them to draw, write about and discuss their visit with friends and family. Ask questions such as what was your favourite artwork? What didn’t you like about it? Why? How would you have made it?