The Ipswich Arts Foundation was established in 1997 to link government, business and community in their support of the Ipswich Art Gallery. The Foundation attracts a wide range of supporters, including high-profile government and business leaders, through to community members and students, all dedicated to enriching the cultural life of Ipswich. Since its inception, the Ipswich Arts Foundation has raised nearly $9 million in support of the Ipswich Art Gallery. The Foundation raises funds for the purchase of art work and items of cultural significance for the Ipswich Art Gallery Collection. Offering donors tax deductibility on all cash donations over $2 and art work approved under the Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts Program, the Ipswich Arts Foundation supports the Gallery in preserving Ipswich’s cultural history for the benefit of future generations.

Ipswich Arts Foundation Board

  • Paul Casos
  • John Goddard
President  Dr Ian Lupton
Honorary Treasurer Mr Michael Beckmann, Ipswich Art Gallery
  • Mr Jeff Budgen, Kobold Group
  • Professor Alan Rix, The University of Queensland
  • Mr James Sturges, Ross Llewelyn Motors

Become a Member
The Ipswich Arts Foundation encourages and promotes an appreciation of the city’s rich cultural heritage within the community. Financial support through the Ipswich Arts Foundation for the Ipswich Art Gallery ensures Ipswich’s long-term economic and cultural-tourism growth. Supporters of the Ipswich Arts Foundation are identified as members and listed within a category of giving:

Category Amount
Member $2 – $499
Bronze $500 – $4,999
Silver $5,000 – $19,999
Gold $20,000 – $99,000
Platinum $100,000 – $249,000
Benefactor $250,000 and above

Donations can be paid by cash, cheque, MasterCard or Visa. For more information on Foundation membership, please Contact the Gallery for an application.

Donating artworks or items of cultural significance

The Cultural Gifts Program encourages gifts of artwork and items of cultural significance to the Ipswich Art Gallery. This program offers donors a tax deduction for the market value of their gifts.

In confidence, the Ipswich Arts Foundation will work with you and your solicitor to enable you to contribute to the future of the Ipswich Art Gallery through your estate. When an individual makes a bequest of a specific sum of money to the Ipswich Arts Foundation, he or she will be recognised as making an immediate gift of an amount equal to one half of the sum bequeathed and hence, enjoy now, all the benefits of membership.If you would like to donate an artwork or item of cultural significance, please Contact the Ipswich Art Gallery.

Gallery Partners
The Ipswich Art Gallery wishes to acknowledge the support of the following organisations:

ICC-logo-2014 Ipswich City Council
The Ipswich City Council is proud to support the cultural and artistic profile and development of Ipswich through the Ipswich Art Gallery
Orion-logo-2014 Orion Springfield Central
An innovative partnership with Orion Springfield Central – a town centre by Mirvac – allows the Ipswich Art Gallery to provide an exciting holiday program to children and families at Springfield Central